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Tim Murphy
10 min readSep 28, 2021


Life On Your Terms

Join Our Community: Home of the most powerful community on earth, driven to live a life on our terms and become financially free — -> Born from asking THIS single question…

How might your Life be different if you belonged to a community of like minded people driven to live life on our terms and on a mission to achieve financial freedom?

Hi, my name is Tim Murphy.

I’m the founder of the “Value Driven Investor” an exclusive community of like minded individuals on a mission to live a life on our terms while at the same time leveraging real estate investing to achieve financial freedom.

If you are reading this letter you have a chance to become a member of our exclusive community.

If after reading this you still feel inspired to build a life of purpose, lead by giving and make a positive difference in the world like we are doing at “The Value Driven Investor.”

We invite you to join us by emailing me Tim Murphy and telling me WHY our Value Driven Investor Community is right for you.

In 12 months, as a member of the Value Driven Investor, you will have built a foundation for creating the life you have dreamed of. It won’t be easy. You will need to put in the hard work and most of all you will need to take action.

Because a life on your terms is only possible if you lead the way. Do so and doors will open to a world few have seen and even fewer have achieved.

You will be seen as a LEADER in your community — the path we walk to de-link and dis-connect from others who believe in “the system” and a conventional path… Is known as “Shedding your limiting beliefs.”

Replacing your limiting beliefs with a mindset that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

This is the path to, “a life on your terms.”

A life where financial freedom is found and purpose becomes your driving force.

This is the path of “The Value Driven Investor.”

This casts us in a different light. Because most people, even most business people, live small, Timid lives. Unremarkable lives. Lives of compromise and disappointment. A life filled with limiting beliefs.

Always asking, “Is this all there is?

Day in and day out, they settle, and while they want to lead, they always find themselves following.

Inside our community we live very different lives. After reading this letter, It is my sincere hope I am able to help you see how it is possible…

Like the majority, you will be skeptical and hesitant to believe, but I will do my best…

As a Value Driven Investor

You will be Supported by the most amazing Community of leaders in the world; Meaning you are Never alone — we are a rare group of dreamers, outcasts, entrepreneurs, storytellers, protectors and investors driven by a Mission and a Purpose…

In case you missed the back-story, two years ago I had a dream. Which started with the question you read on page one.

Over the last two years I thought deeply about finding a better way. Discovering WHY having a group of like minded people on the same mission would be powerful. I thought about WHAT it would look like and HOW we could execute to make “it” happen.

Today, we have put the ball in motion. Today, Bob Grand and a select few have taken the first steps to inspire change and lead by Giving.

It’s Now or Never.

Do or Die.

Find a better way or go back to maintaining the status quo. A status quo where you follow the system and becomes dependent on others to create your future.

The pressure is on, for me and our Founding members. If I was successful in my hypothesis, the path forward they’d need to take would be crystal clear to create freedom in their lives. The very thing they craved.

Far too often, good ideas get lost and GREAT ideas are forgotten. I couldn’t allow that to happen this time. I knew our opportunity was now. Especially after 2020 as we all work on creating our “New Normal.”

Because change is inevitable.

If successful, our community will inspire change, we will be seen as leaders in our communities. Our courage will be admired. We’d receive hugs and gratitude like never before. and together we will lead by Giving which will result in the positive impact we all want to make on the future we hope to leave… Not, just for us but for our children, grandchildren and the communities we love.

If we fail, this experience would have ruined my dreams and the dreams of my Founding members. For some it will have destroyed their mindset and potentially their lives. There would be no one to blame. With their dreams ruined and their financial future crushed. But for the few brave and committed Founding members they had a chance to be more…Do more… And they believed that was well worth it!

They couldn’t live with the feeling of being average when they knew deep inside lies GREATNESS.

The driving question burning in my mind…

Is… This… Idea… (?)


The Most Powerful Identity On Earth

In a moment I will share with you why THE DEMAND for Investors is so great and greater now than ever. But first, together, our Founding members made three fascinating discoveries:

1 — The identity of being an “Investor” is the most powerful transformation one can make in their lifetime.

- “I am an investor” this statement brings with it so much responsibility. Over the course of my 17 years of being an investor I, Tim Murphy, have come to realize this many times over. Most see it as a means to make money and create wealth.

Myself and our founding members have realized the power of becoming an investor is way beyond money and wealth. Being an investor provides you the authority and power to lead change.

- Without “it” you find yourself in a never ending search for more. Jumping from one job to the next, always seeking greener grass, more independence and new challenges. All while feeling underappreciated and overworked.

- You have no clue how to become an investor. But you know it could be the path that changes everything for you. If you could just find it in yourself to take action.

- On the other hand, BEING AN INVESTOR you become the envy of the human race. Being an Investor is the one thing virtually every human being on Earth is hardwired to do.

Sooner or later, it comes to us as natural as breathing.

This one word — “Investor” — is why rockets have been sent into orbit, why electric cars are our future and why the world is changing at an exponential rate.

This one word — “Investor” — is the only shared commonality of every Leader, entrepreneur and philanthropist. From: Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, to Jeff Bazos — generating billions in personal wealth, and even more importantly providing thousands of jobs, creating countless innovations and opportunities. Most of all… Changing the world in a positive way.

2 — Being an Investor, there is no greater achievement (one earth) one can ask for… For both themselves & others

Leaders, entrepreneurs and philanthropists — they all make investments in the advancement of mankind and believe deeply in the people and purpose behind their investments. They are “Value Driven Investors,” the leaders of change.

Every Value Driven Investor knows the power and influence they wield. That’s why as a Value Driven Investor you take great pride in your actions and the choices you make along the way.

When you think of a VALUE DRIVEN INVESTOR you think of Bill Gates and the $250,000,000 he and his foundation contributed towards the fight to find a cure for COVID.

You think of the “All In Challenge” lead by Michael Rubin & Gary Vaynerchuk which influenced countless professional athletes and celebrities to participate in this experience in which 100% of the money raised would be given to food shelves to help people suffering from the impact of COVID.

The HEROIC efforts of these amazing individuals. These “Value Driven Investors.” Deep inside these men and women, is something that compels them to protect and lead positive change.

While so many others, The Majority, took advantage of the impact COVID had on us. They took money they didn’t need through PPE, they took unemployment when they could have been working to make a difference, they destroyed business by looting and stealing from them. You saw the decision of the masses on TV, the internet, in newspapers and everywhere you looked. They are NOT “Value Driven Investors.”

Because they take advantage of our people. They only care about survival and seek to take advantage of others for their own benefit. They think about one thing and one thing only… Themselves. These are NOT “Value Driven Investors.”

It’s not an ego thing — -> why these Value Driven Investors do what they do. They don’t seek “hero” status, and usually are uncomfortable with the label. Inside them, it’s something much deeper. It’s a conviction that they’re following. A belief that they were put on this earth to make a difference, for those who can’t or aren’t in a position to protect themselves.

As leaders we all possess this innate desire, to protect our people, at all costs. Especially our children and our families. I don’t know a single authentic leader who puts himself or herself before those they are leading. It’s for this reason I, with the support of my family, took on the fight against Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) in 2014. Forced with the decision to fight or hide in the corner and pretend my daughter’s type one diabetes didn’t exist.

For those who know me… They know I choose to fight the good fight. This decision was made when I was pacing the hospital floors while staying at the hospital for 3 days as my 2 year old daughter lay in a hospital bed with needles in her body, connected to tubes that ran to machines which worked to bring her little 2 year old body back to life.

Because for several months we tried to figure out why she was so sick. Why she couldn’t keep fluids down and why she kept losing weight. Just thinking about what she looked like brings chills down my spine.

I will never forget her waking up one morning… Trying to get out of bed and collapsing on the floor because her legs were too weak to carry her body. Little did I know what was happening to her.

I remember another time, only a few days before she ended up in the hospital… She was laying on the couch all day because she was too weak to move.

I was so scared, I had never seen her like that before. I was a hopeless and helpless father. I was so mad because I had no control over helping her get well. It was at that moment when my daughter said, “I have to go to the bathroom daddy.” as she said that she started to get up from the couch. It was such a struggle for her. Just as she tried to lift her body off the couch with her legs she collapsed to the floor like a wet noodle.

As a 2 year old she had lost 10 pounds and looked like an Ethiopian child who was malnourished and had not eaten in weeks. I was so scared. She was so skinny and fragile. It was then that I swore to help her and I prayed for god to help her.

As I paced the hospital floor on that first night in the hospital I thought of this… I thought of how close I was to losing the one thing that meant everything to me. My daughter. My family.

At that very moment, as I was in deep thought about how I was going to move forward in life; now that our daughter had Type 1 Diabetes. The doctor walked up to me and asked, “How are you doing Mr. Murphy?”

After a deep cleansing breath and taking a moment to ponder such a question at such a defining moment in my life, the life of my daughter and the future of my family.

I responded, “I am lucky. We are lucky! — -> I have a friend who has a son fighting cancer right now. I couldn’t imagine going through that. I look around in this hospital and see families who have it worse than us. I consider our family lucky because we still have our daughter and she will be healthy. Sure it won’t be easy, but together we will fight Type 1 Diabetes!”

As I looked at the doctor after saying this I could see a look of bewilderment on his face. As if he didn’t expect such an answer under these circumstances. Almost as if I caught him off guard.

He then responded, “I wish more people responded like that!!”

I said, “Doc, I believe this happened for a reason. I believe God chose me to fight the good fight. Now I know what I’m fighting for… I will not back down from type one diabetes. I will stand up and fight to show my daughter she is not broken… She is special!!”

It was in that moment Team Sugar Shay ( was born.

It was this process of thinking that inspired me to build a life of purpose, to lead by giving and fight to make a positive difference in our world.

Have you ever thought, how might your life be different if someone close to you was in the fight for their life. If someone close to you needed you to lead the fight!

Instead of finding a reason why not.

You allowed your fire, that burns deep, to explode!

Channeling your energy into becoming a Value Driven Investor

Dedicated to living a life filled with purpose not just profits.



Tim Murphy

As a broke kid out of college. Living in my parents basement. Wondering what I was going to do with my life. I discovered real estate investing…This is my story